Kyokushin - Hand Techniques

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    iBudokan’s «Kyokushinkai - Hands Techniques» covers a large range of close fist and open hand techniques, including fore fist techniques (Seiken), back fist techniques (Uraken), hammer fist strike (Tettsui), elbow strikes (Hiji), finger tip strike (Nukite), palm heel (Shotei), bear hand (Hiraken) and inside knife hand (Haito).

    It features 54 techniques professionally filmed in more than 200 detailed video clips, demonstrated by Shihan Bertrand Kron, 6th dan and Sensei Jérôme de Timmerman, 4th dan.

    You can test the functionality and special features of iBudokan's Kyokushin app with the iBudokan's Kyokushin Free app, available on Google Play.

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