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    It works on Android devices (ver 1.6 or heigher), captures the lap time and it sends to the server, which can be monitored on the web site almost real time base for everyone.

    All the team members involved in the race can enjoy the game even from the pit.

    Laproid aims at 'The all the people involved that takes part in a contest enjoys playing a competition.

    Key Features
    Android client side:
    - User account (Nickname) need to be set up.
    - Users can draw finish line(s) on the map.
    - Lap time, difference time, best lap, current speed, pit sign are presented.
    - Simple and clear UI. Display items and font size can be modified by users.

    Server service(Free):
    - Open to everyone in viewing the race almost real time base including current location, speed and of course lap time at.
    - Another Laproid user appears on the map. Enjoy the race more like a F1 Grandprix.

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