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    Light Barrier

    !!! This is the DEMO version for the App "Lichtschranke - Light Barrier".
    With the DEMO version you can try the app with minimal settings, to
    check if the app conforms your needs. Have fun.

    One or two devices are neccessary. Two mobile device: A start giver, which gives an acustic shoot sound and send the start to the device at the finish line and the mobile device at the finish line, which registrate the walkthrough. So it is possible to estimate the time between start and finish line. (Tested on Android 2.3.3 device, Samsung Ace). TheApp can be used over Wifi or Wifi Direct (Android 4.0 verfügbar).
    One Device: You can use on device at the finish line. If you connect a wireless speaker which only transfers the starting shot/sound to the starting running point. The device is
    Countdown giver and Lichtschranke at the same time. For this function you just need to set the Server IP ''.

    For queries you can contact me.
    This app is constantly revised/improved if bugs or new ideas are there.
    For handling watch the video.
    Best regards.

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    Quick Howto:

    (1) The Light Barrier at the finish line is used as Lichtschranke/Server. Click on "Run as Lichtschranke". The Walkthrought is detected by the change of brightness in front of the camera while walking through. The brightness calculation is estimated in the pixel top right corner of the camera. Is the top right corner focused on a white plane the value is max 256. A black plane has the value 0. Try it. In the settings in the field "Sensibility" you can setup the brightness, what can be expected in the time of walk through. "Detection Interval" shows the interval in which a walkthrough is detected.

    (2) The start-device is used for giving the start signal. Take a look in the settings of Wifi of the Lichtschranke/Server to set this IP number in the field "server ip". Click on "Run Countdown". When the countdown is finished the Lichtschranke/Server gets the start signal via Wifi.

    + For a perfect walkthrough signal it might be helpful to use a flashlight
    which is focosed/lightening into the camera. So the walkthrough can be detected much better (see last picture for an example)
    + In modus 'stopover/continuous time' you can stop countdown time by touching Countdown-time 3-4 sec. long and the countdown get stopped.
    + Fix the screen of app vertical. The behaviour was not tested if screen rotates while application.

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