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    Are you interested in participating in a fun sport? If so, there is a good chance that you motocross is for you. . Motocross motorcycling racing events take place in outdoor venues. Their racing tracks vary in size, but many tend to be around one or two miles long. Due to the size of most motocross racing tracks, these events largely take place in rural or country locations. Motocross motorcycle racing is different than most other forms of motorcycle racing due to the fact that it has off-road track features. These features most commonly include jumps, corners, and other obstacles.

    Although motocross racing events take place outdoors, the natural terrain isn't always enough to create amazing courses. For that reason, motocross racing surfaces are a combination of natural terrain and man-made obstacles. These man-made obstacles are most commonly created by taking large amounts of dirt and molding it to create a unique, track surface. In addition to straight up racing, motocross is also known for the skill that is needed. To maneuver around the track, often with thirty or forty other racers, skill is needed. That skill combined with the excitement of racing is what makes motocross racing so popular and that is the reason why its popularity still exists today.

    Although motocross motorcycle racing is still one of racing sports most popular sports, not everyone gets to enjoy it. This is largely due in part the location of most motocross racing events. As previously mentioned, most motocross events take place in the outdoors. Many cities and towns, across America, do not have the space for an outdoor motocross track; however, that does not mean that big city or big town residents do not have a love for the sport.

    Motocross first evolved in the United Kingdom from motorcycle trials competitions, such as the Auto-Cycle Clubs's first quarterly trial in 1906 and the Scottish Six Days Trial that began in 1909. When delicate balancing and strict scoring of trials were dispensed with in favor of a race to be the fastest rider to the finish, it was called scrambles, said to have originated in the phrase, "a rare old scramble" describing one such early race. Originally known as scrambles racing in the United Kingdom, as the sport grew in popularity, the competitions became known internationally as motocross racing, by combining the French word for motorcycle, motocyclette, or moto for short, into a portmanteau with "cross country". The first known scramble race took place at Camberley, Surrey in 1924. During the 1930s, the sport grew in popularity, especially in Britain where teams from the Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA), Norton, Matchless, Rudge, and AJS competed in the events. Off-road bikes from that era differed little from those used on the street. The intense competition over rugged terrain led to technical improvements in motorcycles. Rigid frames gave way to suspensions by the early 1930s, and swinging fork rear suspension appeared by the early 1950s, several years before it was incorporated on the majority of production street bikes.The period after World War II was dominated by BSA which had become the largest motorcycle company in the world.[4] BSA riders dominated international competitions throughout the 1940s. This is the history about the staring of Motocross.

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