Mountain Bike Boston

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    More than any other type of travel guide, a trail guide helps you find places you can't find alone. You might- by random chance- stop into a great restaurant, but chances are you won't be wandering where these trails are, unless you know what's there.

    In this guide you'll find everything- or as close as I can come- that a mountain biker would want to know about. When you return home, and talk to friends about Massachusetts, my goal is that you say, "Yeah, I saw that- I'd never thought to do it, but MTB Boston suggested it."

    ★ About the Author ★

    Rob Kristoff has been playing in the woods all his life, but since 1993 it's usually been on two wheels. He's had both mechanical and sales experience in the bike industry, but what he really enjoys is writing about his experiences. He's been published in various forms in almost all the standard outlets for mountain bikers: Velo News' and Mountain Bike Magazine's websites, Dirt Rag magazine, Bike magazine. He's even done some racing regionally on the trails in this guide. But nothing takes the place of just going out into the woods and exploring ... preferably on a mountain bike. Rob lives on the north shore of Boston.

    ★ About Sutro Media ★

    This guide is published in partnership with Sutro Media. By enabling local writers to share their expertise on mobile phones, Sutro Media is making it easier and more fun to explore the world!

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