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    The Musky Hunter App is the first (and best) feature rich mobile application designed specifically for serious musky fishermen, by serious musky fishermen with features for both the new and seasoned musky hunters. Leveraging a proprietary “Musky Activity” algorithm, the application helps you predict when is the best time to be on the water, where the best place is to fish for the current time of year, the best lures to use, and what your bait looks like underwater in your lake. Integration of graphics and video provide top notch advice from the world’s premier musky fishermen. Keep track of key moon periods such as moon rise, set, overhead and underfoot. Photograph your catch and easily store it in your own log or share it with your friends. Plus, the Musky Hunter app works remotely without data and cellular signals.

    •Proprietary Musky Activity Algorithm
    •PRO Feature: Weekly Activity Forecast
    •PRO Feature: New & Improved Activity Algorithm
    •Real time weather integration from hundreds of reporting stations
    •20+ factors including weather conditions, moon, sun, etc.
    •“Future View” allows you to hit the PLAY button to see the activity gauge for the next 24 hours.
    •Heading out to a remote lake with no cell coverage? No problem with “Remote Mode”

    •Never wonder again where the moon is now.
    •PRO Feature: Monthly Moon Calendars for the full year.
    •Always know what the current moon phase is.
    •Visually see up-to-date moon position information.
    •Shows moon in relation to rise, set, overhead, & underfoot.
    •Fishing recommendations based upon current moon conditions

    •Track the activity score for the list of lakes you are most interested in.
    •Privacy settings insure that others cannot see which lakes you are following.
    •“Set It and Forget It” technology automatically monitors musky activity on your lakes and notifies you when an activity spike is predicted.

    •Traditional Deep & Clear Lakes
    •Traditional Shallow & Stained Lakes
    •Northern Minnesota BIG Lakes
    •Canadian Deep & Clear Lakes
    •Canadian Shallow Stained Lakes
    •Musky Rivers
    •The Great Lakes
    •Southern Reservoirs

    •Take a picture of yourself with the self-timer and multiple pics option.
    •Integrates with your phones internal photo storage.
    •Log your catches in the fish log and let the application prefill many of the fields.
    •With one click post it to Facebook, Twitter or

    •See the target forage for the lake profile you are fishing.
    •Detailed information about forage species.

    •Recommends the best lures to use for a time of year.
    •Recommends the best lures to use for certain structure types.
    •Integrates video and graphics to provide more in depth information.

    •Recommends the best options for where to find muskies for a given time of year.
    •Provides options for Timber, Weeds, Rocks, & Open Water.

    •Select from Clear, Green, Yellowish, or Brown stain to the water.
    •Select light from bright & sunny to dark.
    •SEE how YOUR lure will look in that water/light combo.
    •Compare your lure to the forage in that lake.

    •No need to monitor the activity of your lake list.
    •The Musky Hunter server will monitor your list for you and automatically notify you in time for you to skip out of work, pick up the boat and get to the lake!

    •Integrating satellite imagery, you can view your lake from the sky.
    •On clear lakes, underwater structure is easily visible.
    •See your location on the lake as a small dot on the screen

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    Users comments

    Tim Klecker

    by Tim Klecker

    Jun 24, 2017  |  "OK"


    Tracy Sulk

    by Tracy Sulk

    Oct 14, 2016  |  "OK"

    Adding lakes and rivers and they all come up deep and clear. Preloaded lakes have specific water types. Weekly forecast does not load. Fix issues.

    Jason Berning

    by Jason Berning

    Jun 17, 2016  |  "OK"

    I bought the pro version but still cannot access the pro features. It is super slow and freezes quite regularly. Would be fantastic if it worked as intended!

    David Vinzant

    by David Vinzant

    Oct 22, 2014  |  "Poor"

    The maps dont draw. Pins dont drag when adding lakes. Cant edit or delete lakes. Completely useless since the maps dont draw. Doesnt feel finished. How do I get my money back?

    Daryl Bourgon

    by Daryl Bourgon

    Sep 03, 2014  |  "OK"

    Tried to add my lakes and rivers following the directions and the app just looped me back to add lakes over and over again. Freezes on my galaxy 4. Will likely submit for a refund unless I get quality help.

    Richard Grasse

    by Richard Grasse

    Aug 14, 2014  |  "Poor"

    This Ap just doesn't work. Maps don't load. Very few things worked. A total waste of money.