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    This app is made for use by sport shooters.

    Do you like the reports generated by the electronic target scoring systems used at shooting matches? Wouldn’t it be nice to have these reports from your training sessions?
    If your answer is yes, continue reading.

    There is only one problem. Your club does not have an electronic target scoring system.
    Well, with this app, you are the electronic scoring system.

    With MyShots, you can plot your shots, using drag and drop, and when you’re done, you can see the result in a report.

    MyShots contains controls to position your shots:
    Zoom in,out.
    Up, down, left, right adjustment of target or shot.

    You organize your series in lists.

    When you create a list, give it a name/description, and a target to use.
    Targets included are:
    ISSF 10m Air rifle,
    ISSF 10m Air pistol,
    ISSF 10m Running Target,
    ISSF 25m and 50m Precision Pistol,
    ISSF 25m Rapid Fire Pistol,
    ISSF 50m Rifle,
    ISSF 50m Running Target,
    ISSF 300m Rifle,
    KNSA 12m KKG,
    KNSA 12m KKK,
    NRA USAS-50,
    NSRA 6 yard Pistol,
    NSRA 25 yard Prone,
    NSRA 100 yard,
    DSB Zimmerstutzen 15m,
    BDMP Nr. 4,
    BDS Nr. 1,
    BDS Nr. 4,
    BDS Nr. 9,
    WBSF 100,
    WRABF 25m,
    WRABF 50m,
    F-Class R 100m,
    SSAA Rimfire,
    SSAA 100m Centrefire,
    SSAA 200m Centrefire.

    The ISSF 25m and 50m Precision Pistol target is used by ISSF and MLAIC disciplines in various calibers.
    Therefore you have to specify whether you want your shots scored based on centre bullet or rim bullet, and the diameter of the bullet.

    To get started: tap on the + to create a list.
    When returned on the main screen, tap on the created list.
    Tap on the + to create a series.

    On the series or lists screens you can change, delete etc. an item by a press-and-hold on the item in the list until the action bar appears.

    Tip: use a stylus pen for plotting.

    Help text is available for every screen via a menu option.
    Acessing the help option is device dependent.
    If you see an icon in the upper right corner that looks like 3 little squares, press that, and it will show the help option.
    If not, you have a hardware menubutton on your device, press that.
    Located below the screen, either left or right.
    (On a samsung galaxy s2 bottom left, on a LG l9 bottom right).

    Please note:
    This is the final version of the app, there will be no more updates for the app.

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