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    Outdoor Survival Guide

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    Outdoor Survival Guide

    Spending time in the great outdoors can be a fun, relaxing, enjoyable time. Unfortunately, it's amazing that many people who spend time outdoors camping, hiking, fishing, biking etc., have zero outdoor survival skills or knowledge. If you spend time outdoors in and away from civilization, you need to know and understand basic outdoor survival skills.

    This outdoor survival app, will help you be become prepared for your next outdoor adventure.

    This app includes outdoor survival information including:

    What is Outdoor Survival anyway?

    What you need to carry to be prepared for outdoor challenges.

    What outdoor survival clothing should you should take with you.

    An outdoor survival kit list.

    How to keep your priorities straight if you face an emergency.

    Creating outdoor survival shelters.

    What you need in your outdoor first aid kit.

    What to do if you get lost.

    How to keep your outdoor survival tools in good shape.

    Learning how to keep your distance from outdoor danger.

    Why you need to be in good physical condition.

    How to decide if you need to arm yourself in your outdoor adventures.

    This outdoor survival course also includes a compilation of helpful outdoor survival YouTube videos, and reviews of great outdoor survival books. Outdoor books include the Ultimate Survival Membership, Ultimate Survival Skills, EMP Survival Guide, Survive Anything, Urban Survival Guide and the Family Survival Guide.

    It also includes a calendar where your can plan your outdoor activities, a note pad for taking notes.

    So don't leave yourself unprepared the next time you spend time in the outdoors - get this app Now!

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