PastoBlend CCR Real gases Blender

    is a software for recreational and technical scuba diving gas blending ( Nitrox, Trimix, Héliair ).
    It's based on Van der Waals state equation ( real gases ), witch is more accurate than perfect gases, especially if you fill at higher pressures ( 300 bars / 4.350 Psi ).

    It calculates best mix ( ideal mix ) for OC Open circuit dives and CCR Rebreather dives, by entering END or PpN2, and PpO2 for diluent and Bailout.

    It calculates fills in Partial Pressure, continuous fill, or Banked EAN.
    In Trimix continuous flow mode, it show you the state of the two O2 sensor, to obtain desired trimix.

    Top-Up calculated resulting mix by adding to a tank with given pressure and mix, content of another ( or multiples ) tank(s) with differents mixes.

    What-if calculates resulting mix, starting with a tank and given pressure/mix and adding to it given quantity of O2, He and Air.

    Supported units: meters, feet, bars, Psi, °C, °F, cubic inches
    Multilanguage: English, French, Italian, Spanish
    Calculation of filling price
    Calculation of minimal Bank tank pressure

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