ProCaddy - Golf Club Selector

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    “This is the most accurate golf club selector I have found on the app
    store. My game is so improved! And it is soooo... SLICK!”
    — John LaFontaine, Golf Fanatic


    Whether you are a beginner or a professional golfer “ProCaddy” helps you
    select the right club for the shot you need. With a gorgeous slick
    interface (see images below!) you have zero learning to do with this app.
    Just go straight to using it, to improve your game.


    1) On the main screen select the yards/range by moving your finger up and down through the simple slider.
    2) Select the swing power horizontally with another simple slider.
    3) As you slide your finger “ProCaddy” will instantly display the right
    club selection. Unsure? Adjust any of the sliders again.

    Driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, 2 to 9-iron, Sand-Wedge, Pitching-Wedge.
    The right club will be displayed so FAST that you won’t lose momentum from your game!


    - The slickest, coolest, easiest to use Golf app out there!
    - Golf club recommendations for anyone’s swing style — Men, Women or
    - Displays a photo of the recommended club.
    - Database will display a variety of clubs: Driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, 2 to
    9-iron and Wedges.
    - Select yards or meters.

    The Pros always select the right club. With “ProCaddy” you too can play a
    great game. Use “Pro Caddy” and go hit that ball!


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