Quorn Hunt




    The Quorn Hunt is perhaps the best known of all foxhunts and was the originator of the fast-moving 'Leicestershire' style of hunting that made English foxhunting – and hunting in the East Midlands in particular – world famous and made exceptional demands on hounds and horses. The Quorn has been fortunate to have had two of the finest professional huntsmen: the legendary Tom Firr (1841-1902)and the late Michael Farrin (1943-2008).
    From the mid 18th century until 2005, the Quorn hunted foxes over much of England’s finest hunting country, and continues to hunt legally three days a week within the constraints of the UK’s 2004 Hunting Act which aimed to ban most forms of hunting.
    Its 'country' converges with that of its neighbours the Belvoir and the Cottesmore in the Leicestershire market town of Melton Mowbray.

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