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    Keep Track of your Range Results on your Smart Phone or Tablet. Great way to see if you are improving in regards to shooting guns no matter what type of gun or firearm you have. No backup to any online servers but you can export the information from your device.

    New Item added - You can export the Range Results Data to a .csv file so you can use Excel to do Graphs and Charts.

    No automatic backup to any online servers but you can export the data from your device.

    Range Results Tracking – Electronically store your Range Results. No more writing results on Target. Take a photo of your best result and add to Range Results Tracking Record. The Range Results Record has 26 fields. Record ID Number, Range Result Date, Manufacturer Name, Firearm Short Name/Nickname, Firearm Model, Serial Number, Caliber, Yards/Meters, Ammo, Bullet, Bullet Ballistics Coefficient, Powder, Case, Range Wind Speed, Velocity, Notes, Zero Range, Sight Height, Altitude, Temperature, Humidity, Drag Function, Shooting Angle, Wind Angle, and Group Size.

    Reports Home Page with Range Results List View and Range Results List View by Yards enabling you to click on the item to see the Record. Report Views including Range Results by Date, Range Results by Caliber, Range Results by Record Number, Range Results by Range Name, Range Results by Short Name, Range Results by Serial Number, Range Results by Yards.

    Accuracy Factors

    Version 5.0 added Activity that lets you export the Range Results Data to .csv file and email it.

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