Rowing in Motion - For Teams




    Are you an individual rower? Please check out RiM Solo (Link) which is the right RiM App for you!

    "Rowing in Motion - For Teams" integrates with your organisations' account on Rowing in Motion Analytics and helps the athletes and coaches on your team with recording and reviewing rowing session and athlete performance.

    Attention: This App is not intended for use by individual users and coaches. If you're an individual rower, please check out our "Rowing in Motion - Solo" app. This App is intended for Clubs and professional rowing organisations and requires an Organisation account for the "Rowing in Motion Analytics" online service.

    When linked to your organisation as a "Boat" device, the App measures and records boat acceleration, speed and stroke-rate using the device's GPS and Accelerometer. Live boat acceleration graphs and stroke metrics give you detailed feedback on how efficiently the crews moves the boat forward and where it can improve its rowing technique to row faster.

    When linked to your organisation as a "Coach" device, the App allows coaches to view realtime data from another instance of the App running on a device in a rowing boat using a mobile WiFi (no internet connection required).

    * Measures Strokerate, Speed, Distance and Boat Acceleration, giving you insight into all aspects of your stroke
    * Full Screen Graphs: Showing your boat acceleration compared to an average of the previous strokes
    * Customizable user interface: Display all the data you need to see to improve your rowing stroke
    * Instantly upload and analyze your recorded rowing sessions with your Analytics account
    * Stroke Analysis: Live average acceleration graphs, speed graph
    * Sonification: Turn your boat acceleration into a sound for a better realtime feedback to help you improve the effectiveness of your stroke.
    * Stroke Metrics: Stroke Metrics derived from boat acceleration allow you to easily focus on specific aspects of the stroke
    * Dashboard for coaches that displays stroke-rate, speed and last typical stroke of boat devices in range. Connect to boats with a tap to view all realtime data.
    * Supports Heartrate measurements using any Bluetooth Smart compatible Heartrate strap (requires Bluetooth 4.0)
    * Supports Canoe, Dragon Boat and Fixed Seat rowing (e.g. Surfboats, Para-rowing, Gigs...)

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