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    ShoreCatch is an app for sea fishing on the Welsh coast. It provides tidal information, weather forecasts, mark maps, fish species guides and information about bait and rigs. ShoreCatch concentrates on what you can and want to catch and with its built in "Catch Genie" ShoreCatch can suggest what to target given certain conditions.

    Note: This Sea Fishing App concentrates just on the WELSH coast. There is no tidal or mark information for any other locations.

    *Note: ShoreCatch loads data when started for the first time. Please ensure you have a good data connection at this stage.

    Key Features:
    Tidal Predictions
    Marks and Venues Map
    Weather Forecast
    Moon Phases
    Sunset Sunrise times
    Fish Guide
    Bait and Rig Guide
    Catch Genie: Based on weather, tide, season, bait, moon phase, time of day, temperature, habitat for fish, rigs.

    *Sea fishing Marks Map*
    The sea angling map helps you locate great sea angling marks and filters them by type. Whether its rock fishing, pier fishing or beach fishing, the ShoreCatch sea fishing app shows you where to go fishing on the welsh coast.

    *Search for fish with Catch Genie*
    The unique 'Catch Genie' function of the ShoreCatch sea fishing app allows you to enter the criteria about conditions or marks, and generates specific lists of fish which are available to catch. Search tidal conditions, weather conditions, time of day, fishing type and lots more.

    *Tidal Predictions*
    ShoreCatch includes Tidal oscillations for the next 6 days. These are displayed on a clear scalable graph and provide high and low tide times, lunar phases and sunrise / sunset times for each day, ensuring you plan the perfect timing for your angling trip.

    *Weather Forecast*
    A weather forecast app is an essential tool for any sea-angler, so of course we’ve included one! It provides weather conditions for your current location and the majority of towns on the welsh coast. View the weather over 5 days or the next 24 hours.

    *Bait Guide*
    The ShoreCatch fishing app includes a glossary of sea-fishing bait, giving information on the correct selection and use of baits. The bait guide is available from the main menu, and is also included in all search results for an even more successful fishing trip.

    *Rig Guide*
    The sea angling rig guide provides detailed images of rigs for use when angling from the coast. Suggested rigs are displayed within results from catch genie searches, helping you to select a suitable rig for your weather and tidal conditions or targeted fish species.

    Data Refresh is built in so more marks and fish can be added to the app by ShoreCatch. Join us on Facebook and Twitter for information about marks and general sea fishing chat.

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