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    ShotView saves and analyse your shooting. Get help during adjustment shooting.

    Set how much a click at the sight will do in mm/inches/moa at the target and ShotView will calculate your need for horizontal and vertical adjustments. ShotView shows the score for each shot, series and total for all the series. The score can be shown with or without decimals.

    Supported targets:
    - All targets of the International Shooting Sport Federation for rifle och pistol.
    - Biathlon
    - French C200
    - MLAIC C50
    - MLAIC C200
    - Standard NRA (1998) targets 200 to 1000 yards.
    - NSRA 20 yard Pistol - PL15
    - NSRA 25 yard Rifle
    - ICFRA f-class 300-1000 yard/meter
    - Deutsche Zimmerstutzen 15m

    If you are missing any target, please send me the dimensions so I can include it as well. If you want ShotView to support another language maybe you can help me with the translation.

    Short help: (none in the app)

    First tab (settings):
    Add shooters and weapons, set caliber and mm, inch or moa/click for the sight. Then chose shooter, weapon, target, position and type (adjustment, training or competition). The shots (second tab) will be saved according to this choice. This choice also makes the selection for the third tab.

    Second tab (target):
    Add a new shot with the button. Then drag the shot to the correct position. The chosen shot is green. The red circle marks the center of your series. In the upper left corner the need for adjustment and total score is shown. The need for adjustments are calculated automatically. I you are not satisfied with the calculation, switch between auto and manual calculation with the button on the right. If you chose manual, the adjustments are cleared and get recalculated. Then you drag the series to where you want it to be. Switch back to auto if you want to get the original positions of the shots. Under Menu->Details you can choose if you want to view/hide the controls for adjustments and if you want to show the score with decimals or not.

    Third tab (analyse):
    The selection for this tab is set in the first tab. You can also set an end date by the date button and time period under Menu. Default is today's date and all shots a year back in time. At the bottom is a "scroll bar" where you can scroll through your series. Scroll to the right hand end and you will have all series shown. The series shown can also be deleted by Menu->Delete.

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