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    Learn how to skate really well from a skilled and experienced instructor (Asha has been teaching full time for 14 years and on skates for 30 years). She is THE online skating expert and gives crystal clear communication of the exercises which will result in you acquiring new and improved techniques. These step-by-step video lessons show you the right way to skate and practice, as if you have an instructor with you, reminding you of the important things to focus on while you skate. Each skate tutorial breaks down the skill in a logical and safe sequence enabling you to progressively achieve and perfect the manoeuvres. The lessons work equally well practicing them solo or with a friend or group.

    When you skate well, you feel alive, connected to your body, in tune with your wheels and experiencing the flow and grace of great skating. Your skating (and Derby playing) will become more satisfying as you truly master those tricky techniques and achieve the results you always wanted. Your skating will be transformed. The changes these apps will create in your skating will be long lasting and positive, enabling you to overcome future challenges using the wisdom you learn here.

    Most of the skills covered in the two apps are on the WFTDA’s Minimum required skills list.

    • Quads 1 app provides step-by-step instructions for various skills in each section of;

    o Introduction (Roller Derby Intro, Weight Distribution & Stance).
    o Movements (Stride and Speed, Acceleration).
    o Stops (Toe Stop Drag, Plough stop)
    o Speciality skills (Backward Skating, Backward Scissors).
    o Expert Demonstrations.
    o Common Problems and how to fix them.
    o Total of 35 minutes worth of teaching videos.

    These lessons are aimed at the following quads skaters;

    • Roller Derby skaters wanting improve their game by honing their skating, stopping and special skills, while also learning increased stability and confidence on the track.
    • Roller Disco quad skaters and those who skate in rinks or leisure centres.
    • Recreational quad skaters skating outdoors using parks, tracks, seafront promenades

    Asha is one of the highest qualified and experienced skate instructors in the world. She is a trainer of instructors worldwide for the ICP (Inline Certification Programme) and has taught thousands to skate in her UK skate school Skatefresh.

    For free examples of Asha’s online teaching skills, please check out her YouTube channel ‘Skatefresh Videos’ containing both quad and inline tutorials. In 2012 Asha launched a comprehensive series of Inline skate Apps on iPhone and Android last year, so check out the reviews for those products on the App store and GooglePlay (

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