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    A convenient application for adjusting ski bindings - just enter your parameters and read the correct DIN settings. Small memory footprint - < 130kb! (no space-hogging graphics).

    You can use both English and Metric units, as desired.

    This app displays the specific DIN setting for each of five levels of release. Few people exactly match a skiing level as displayed In the chart, so having the range across the five levels lets you know all settings so the technician can increase or decrease the tension. Remember – start on the low side of your level and go to higher settings later if warranted – when you are beginning it is better to have a ski come off than to suffer a significant injury due to non-release.

    This application also provides the torques settings for binding technicians (in Newton-Meters) used to test bindings under ASTM F-1063 (Practice for Functional Inspections and Adjustments of Alpine Ski/Binding/Boot Systems).

    Always have a trained professional adjust and test your bindings. Older bindings can be unreliable and may not release properly even if set at what you believe to be the correct DIN setting. Technicians can verify that your binding is still functional and will protect you properly.
    DIN is an abbreviation for Deutsches Institut für Normung, the German standards organization. Their measurements were adopted as the standard for binding ratings so that there would be consistency from one binding to another - the same release for the same forces and conditions.

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