Soccer Scoreboard (Pro)

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    - This application is a scoreboard for soccer.
    - This application can measure the ball possession rate.
    - This application records the collected game information to a History log.
    - The History Log allows the user to write comments.
    - This application supports Android smartphones, 7 inches tablets,10 inches tablets.
    - This application can be used in either portrait or landscape view.


    [More settings]
    You can display the "More Settings" dialog from the menu using the phone's menu feature.
    Use the check boxes to turn features on or off.

    Item Settings:

    - Track Rate of Possession
    When checked - The team with possession is highlighted during operation.
    Tilt the phone to change the tracking of possession from one team to the other.
    A Progress bar tracks percentage of possession as it fluctuates through the game.
    When unchecked - The progress bar and background color of the team name that indicates the possession will not be displayed.

    - Enable Vibrate
    The phones vibrate feature is used to confirm that the user has shifted possession from one team to the other.
    Unchecking this box will turn off that feature.

    - Disable Rotate Screen during play
    When checked, disables the phones rotation feature and displays the app in one consistent mode.

    - Keep counting Added Time (stoppage/injury)
    When unchecked, the period will end automatically at the end of the time set.
    When checked, app will continue to run the game clock until "End of Period" is tapped.

    - Display Remaining Time in Period
    When unchecked, App begins the period at 0 and time counts up as in standard soccer time keeping.
    When checked, App begins at the time set for the period and counts down to zero.

    - Sound Buzzer at Period End
    When checked - a buzzer will sound at end of set period time.
    Buzzer volume can be controlled by the media volume.

    [Start of the timer]
    Timer begins when you click "Start."
    Timer can also be started by simply tapping the time display portion of the screen.
    The progress bar between the scores and time display shows the passage of time graphically.

    [Pause of the timer]
    When timer has been started, "Pause" is displayed. Timer will pause when you click "Pause".

    [Restart of the timer]
    When time is paused, the time display will blink. Timer starts again when you click "Restart".

    [The end of the first half/second half (The end of the period)]
    "End Period" is displayed as soon as timer operation begins.
    Click "End Period" at the time of the end of period.
    Timer stops whether set period time has been reached or not.
    When "End Period" been clicked, the "End Game" option will be displayed.
    Tapping "End Game" ends the second period/game.

    [Reset of the game]
    The game is reset when "End Game" is clicked at the end of the second period.
    If you exit the application, by clicking "back" twice, the game will also be rest.

    [Input of scores]
    You can enter a score Flick the score display.
    Increment the score up by flicking up on the score display.
    You can correct (subtract) a score by flicking down on the score display.
    Flicking right also increments up, flicking left, increments down.

    [Measurement of ball possession]
    Click the team name of the team with ball possession.
    The background color of the team name changes and begins a measurement of ball possession percentage.
    You can alternate the ball possession team by tilting the screen on models with a tilt sensor.
    The progress bar under the team names indicates the possession rate.
    The rate is also expressed numerically above the progress bar.

    [View history]
    View the stored game history from the menu.
    Click on the game list to view game history contents detail.
    You can delete or to edit the game content using the "Edit" button or "Delete" menu is displayed when you click the Game Detail.
    History can not be displayed during a game. You can view history at the end of the game or between periods.
    History is recorded at the end of the game and at the end of a period.

    (Made in Japan)

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