What is Soccer4U?
    It is an app that provides over 75 professional and amateur soccer sessions for coaches, players, administrator, parents and all soccer fans of every age group,

    Why is it important?
    Ever find yourself running from work to the soccer field and wondering what practice you’re going to run? This app will provide you with the sessions on the go at your fingertips.

    As a parent, do you want to know what session the coach is running? This app can help you follow along with the coach and the team. It will help with the understanding of the game, talking to your child about the practice session and provide a conversation topic with parents and soccer coaches.

    Want to go paperless? This is a great opportunity to have the sessions on your iphone or ipad. Have the Assistant Coaches follow along. Don’t have to worry about the hand writing on the paper anymore or wondering where the paper is. Just open up the smartphone device and pick out the session you want.

    Planning a session? Save the session on the “Favourites” and bring it up on the soccer field again. Discuss the session with your coaching staff and everyone comes prepared with the sessions you have agreed upon.

    What’s in the app?
    The app is broken into various sections that will allow a coach to walk a team through a proper training session starting with a “Warm Up” session, going through a “Technical” session and ending with a “Tactical” session.

    A “Calendar” button to plan your training sessions for the day, week or month.
    A “Favouirtes” button to add your training sessions, so you don’t have to look for them when you get to the field.

    Session Topics:
    • Warm-Up
    • Technical
    o Attack
    o Defense
    o Passing & Receiving
    o Combination Play
    o Finishing
    • Tactical
    o Attack
    o Defense
    • Key Factors

    An “A” Licensed United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) coach provided the sessions. These sessions were put together and drawn up on the software by a Youth Coaching Veteran with over 19 years of experience. Sessions in this app are used at amateur and professional levels.

    Upgrades with new sessions will be loaded monthly, or as long as we continue to have sessions provided to us by other Professional, Amateur, Youth, and Adult coaches.
    We are starting out with over 75 sessions and want to provide you with over 125 sessions or possibly more to select from. Look for the Upgrades!!!

    Feel free to volunteer or provide your sessions and we might upload it to the app !!!