Sport Calculator

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    With Sport Calculator you can do a lot of sport calculations for five sports: bike, running, trail, sail and swimming.

    Calculations vary according to sport choosen.
    SportCalculator allows by default to calculate your distance given speed and time, speed given distance and time, time given distance and speed, BMI, Ruffier-Dickson index, feeled temperature, convert units between them.

    Calculation of your climbing speed will be available for bike ou trail because you can climb. It is not usefull for running or swimming.

    You will find a lot of specific calculations for bike:
    - You can calculate your rythm, crankset or speed
    - You will be able to calculate the power developped
    - You can see bracket array
    - calculate tire pressure for MTB

    VO²max and crossing time will be available for running/trail

    This app is translated in following languages: english, french and spanish.

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