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    This app is a multi-sports club manager (football -soccer-, basketball, ...): create your sports club defining member players, manage their stats or money balances, save a match result list, create teams automatically based on player stats & abilities, etc.

    A free (Lite) version of this app is also available: Sport Club Manager LITE.

    - Create your club: you can create new clubs in a few steps, or import a previously created club. You can use a previously created example as well, for testing the application.

    - Manage money balances: set a membership fee, and control debts and deposits for club members, club payments, etc.

    - Create teams automatically: select several players and hit the button; up to 5 teams will be created basing on player abilities and/or stats. Your teams are ready to start a match.

    - Save match result history: When your match ends, you can store match result within your app. A match result history will be saved, so you can query it anytime.

    - Manage stats for your players: basing on match result history, your players will receive diferent amount of points, which will let them join a "club ranking table". There, you will be able to see their stats (victories, ties, losts, Win/loss ratio, etc.).

    - Import/export sports club information: export player information, statistics, balances, etc. A backup is always necessary!

    - Upcoming: New topics for the FAQ, resources usage optimization.

    All suggestions are welcome!

    - Fixed update-related error

    - Fixed foto cropping
    - Fixed permissions (only WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE needed)
    - Improved performance
    - Improved SD checking
    - New "Team list" layout

    - Minor bugs fixed
    - Export options improved

    - Fixed XML backup problem

    - Minor bugs fixed
    - Translation bugs fixed
    - Club creation templates added
    - Top scorers list

    - Minor bugs fixed
    - Added club creation assistant
    - Added F.A.Q.

    - Fixed error in payments list filtering
    - Alternative views in player ranking and scorers list
    - Data export/import includes player photos

    - Minor bugs fixed
    - Improved player selection form: new appearance for player cell, added player sorting, improved list behavior.
    - Changed player info view: added list of played matches, moved player photo.
    - Changed result list view: improved appearance.
    - Changed payments list view: improved appearance, improved list behavior, added "change item" option.

    - Fixed errors on payments list and player selection list
    - Added "copy to clipboard" option in "team list" screen
    - Improved team creation (fixed several errors)
    - Screen keeps on while in "scoring mode". Also added "scoring log".
    - Added "issues" section on results (from "scoring mode", and "result list")
    - Added "export full club balances to XLS" option (in "payments list")
    - Fixed error with SQLite and journaling [...].

    - Minor changes in result list layout
    - "Issues" edition availability in result list
    - Club definitions (backups) can be exported (sdcard) and shared (mail, bt, etc.)
    - Fixed visual issues on Jellybean
    - New backup format, for faster import/export of data.
    - Fixed eventual hangs in automatic team creation

    - Fixed OOM error when working with big images (setting player photos).

    - Added sending payment receipt option (inc. verification code).
    - Added verifying receipt codes.
    - It's possible now to add players to previously created teams.
    - Added debt scheduling option.
    - Fixed some translation, ANR and FC errors.
    - Few interface changes.

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