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    Are you:

    * A professional sports person
    * Up and coming athlete
    * Interested in sport as your primary occupation whether at a professional or amateur level
    * A manager of sports people
    * An athletic trainer

    Answer YES to any of those questions and you'd better read on....

    I was amazed at how many athletes seemed to be getting caught out with illegal substances in their blood stream, Rugby League players in Australia, Rugby Union players in South Africa, athletes at the most recent Commonwealth Games.. the list goes on.

    Also amazing was how many of them cried foul... 'I didn't know it was illegal', 'it must have been in my cough medicine', 'I don't know how I could have taken it', 'my manager said it was OK to use', 'it was an accident'... and on and on. I was amazed until I did some research.

    You've all heard of the millions of dollars that are invested to stop drugs in sport, athlete education programs, testing programs etc it appears that the majority of those programs are targeted at cheats. To a huge degree the honest athlete is left to fend for themselves.

    You've all heard of corionic gonadotrophin? how about methoxy polyethylene glycol-epoetin beta? or methylhexaneamine the substance that was recently at the center of the biggest drug scandal in Australian history?

    All of those substances are currently listed as illegal to have in your blood stream and will/could get you a lengthy suspension from competing in your sport. Guess what? Those are only 3 of the hundreds of illegal substances that WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) lists every year. Athletes, and/or their managers are not only supposed to keep up with this list but are also supposed to be able to remember those active ingredients when they purchase/use/ingest ANY substance. The majority of the time, the ONLY person who appears to get penalised is the honest athlete.

    It gets worse for any athlete when they travel overseas. Products that they use routinely in their own country MAY contain different active ingredients in other countries. You can't list EVERY product on the planet that contains illegal active ingredients... what you can do is install the Don't Be A Dope application on your device. How simple is it? So simple it's ridiculous...

    When you're thinking of purchasing ANY item for ingestion, have a look at the Active Ingredients listing label. Type in ANY 4 adjacent characters of any of the active ingredients to the Don't Be A Dope app and it will return a list of ALL currently listed illegal active ingredients from the WADA list. If you see an active ingredient from the label in the returned list, DON'T BUY/USE it until you've got more comprehensive information.

    The Don't Be A Dope application

    * Has an internal database that means you won't ever need an internet connection. Perfect when travelling in 3rd world countries or places with poor wireless coverage
    * Is updated whenever the WADA list is updated
    * Has been localised to 10 languages
    * Offers you another opportunity to protect your career, reputation and income

    This version of the app is FREE however when the database is updated in our 2012 version there MAY be a nominal charge.

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