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    If you're a freediver, you know what this is: The most flexible and feature-rich STA training app on the store!

    If you don't freedive, but want your buddies to go 'wooot?' when you tell them how long you can hold your breath - Static Trainer is for you!

    Static Trainer will teach you how to hold your breath for a looong time, explain why you'll want to chicken out and how to overcome this - and it will guide you through training tables to get you there!

    This is your training buddy - easy setup and lots of info on the 'hows' and 'whys' to help you push through!

    Lie back, relax, listen...

    Happy diving!

    (featured in Freedive Magazine #4 2014!)

    Info, tips and guides
    Quick start, one step setup
    Fully customizable O2, CO2 and mixed tables
    Vibration on start and end of breath hold
    Audio countdown or count-up
    Male or female voice
    10/20/30 second interval count
    5 different timer displays
    'Mean' CO2 tables (if you are hardcore or in a hurry)
    Logging + export of executed tables
    Logged tables can be re-run
    Large horizontal timer for group training sessions
    Start countdown mm:ss from start or end of breath hold
    Dimmer option on run-screen
    Pause/resume on running table
    AIDA official freedive competition rules countdown
    AIDA style max attempt with user controlled count settings
    Silly motivational coach (optional) for max attempt

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