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    Anyone can swim a mile in just six weeks - we will teach you how!

    Many people consider swimming to be the fastest and most enjoyable way to get in shape quickly.

    Surprisingly enough, using our special training program, anyone can swim a mile freestyle continuously in just six weeks!

    This app contains the training program and will keep track of your successes, as well as provide useful hints to help you on your way.

    Quoting Ruth Kazez, author of the method:

    "Young or old, fit or not, six weeks seems to be the most common length of time it takes to be able to swim a mile without stopping for rest. It requires three times per week and the willingness to be somewhat uncomfortable while stretching your aerobic capability.

    As muscles enlarge to meet new demands, so does our ability to absorb oxygen. If we methodically increase our need, our body responds in kind. The amount of discomfort should be small, but it is necessary to pant a bit at the end of each effort and only partially recover before beginning another.

    The number of breaths taken before continuing I guarantee will not seem enough. I also promise you’ll be surprised that you are able to continue much more easily than you imagined. The feeling of not having adequate rest is necessary in order to improve."

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