Tang Soo Do Terminology

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    "Tang Soo Terminology" is a teaching aid for a student learning the Korean martial arts of Tang Soo Do.

    Unless the student lives in Korea, most will be unfamiliar with the Korean language. This handicap will make it difficult to learn the proper technique due to the fact that the student will not understand what the instructor is saying.

    "Tang Soo Do Terminology" will help ease the student into Tang Soo Do vernacular by breaking the terminology into three levels. Its broken down even further into four sets in each level. Each level/set gets progressively harder.

    Unlike other apps that try to teach the terminology, this app will break down what each word means, so the student will recognize it when it comes up again.

    For example, when learning 'Ha Dan Mahk Kee', the app tells you that 'Ha Dan' means 'Low' and 'Mahk Kee' means 'Block'. So the word is 'Low Block'
    It will break 'San Dan Kong Kyuck' to mean 'San Dan' is 'High' and 'Kong Kyuck' is 'Punch' or 'High Punch'.
    So when the student sees a new word like 'San Dan Mahk Kee', he will already know that 'San Dan' means 'High' and 'Mahk Kee' means 'Block', so the word will mean 'High Block'.

    Breaking it down into smaller elements will enable the student to quickly grasp new techniques because it is based previously learned techniques.

    Once a student has finished a set/level, there is a Test section to quiz his knowledge. The app will display a multiple choice question based of the selections chosen and will give a final grade.

    This app will give teach you these Tang So Do terminologies:
    o General information
    o Hand techniques
    o Foot Techniques
    o Articles of Faith and Training
    o Korean Flag
    o Korean counting
    o 8 Laws of REspect and Courtesy
    o 4 Laws of Concentration
    o 5 Pillars of Moo Do Kwan
    o Tenants of Training
    o Body Parts

    Over 300 words!

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