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    TFAerobicProfile application (Part of TF Series) provides estimates of athlete fitness level for specific events and also reference training data to improve fitness. TFAerobicProfile is compatible with Jack Daniels Running Formula. It can be used as a Personal Training aid.

    Reference data includes calculation of Run Velocity at VO2MaxRate, and Level of intensity at selected Run Distance and Run Time.

    If selected distance is other than 1600 Meters (or 1 Mile), VO2MaxRate at the selected distance and previous best effort VO2MaxPct at 1600 Meters (or 1 Mile) can be used to estimate 1600 Meters (or 1 Mile) best effort for selected distance.

    Run Velocity at VO2MaxRate provides a reference pace for Interval Training to improve Aerobic Power by increasing oxygen consumption. Reference intensity level for Steady Pace or Aerobic Threshold Training at estimated Blood Lactate Threshold is used to develop Strength and Endurance.

    Level of Intensity can also be used to estimate athlete fitness for specific events. Aerobic Profile data can be used for Repetition Training to develop Speed and improve Running Economy.

    Aerobic Profile data is first calculated based on best effort at selected distance. Aerobic Profile data is then calculated for other distances and velocities from supplied data. Other calculated values include Run Time, Run Pace, VO2MaxRate, VO2MaxPct, Intensity Level, and Calories Burnt.

    Lactate Threshold can be estimated using Intensity Level (such as 85 Percent) or VO2MaxPct values at specific speeds. Corresponding Heart Rate values can be estimated by multiplying athletes Maximum Heart Rate by Percent of Intensity Level at the specific speeds.

    Application can also be used to fine-tune or optimally balance the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems using measured Blood Lactate values at specific speeds. These Lactate values can be associated with VO2MaxPct values and running economy.

    Email and print (with compatible device) of results is also provided.

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