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    TFCombinedEvents application (Part of TF Series) uses each supplied Track and Field Combined Event result. Based on the latest IAAF Scoring Tables and WMA Age Grade Model, event results are used to calculate both individual event points and total Combined Events points. Application also includes training capabilities. It can be used as a Personal Training aid.

    Includes Decathlon, Outdoor and Indoor Heptathlon, Pentathlon, and Pentathlon Throws events for both Male and Female athletes of all ages. Also includes Oceania Region Pentathlon. Fully Automatic Timing is assumed.

    Youth Triathlon results can be obtained from Decathlon or Heptathlon. Set Non-Triathlon event times, distances, or heights to zero.

    Appropriate minute and second (minute-second) or second data entry is provided.
    Individual and Summary results can be saved for single day, multiple days, or future reference.

    Application provides recording of results for selected athlete(s). Information includes specific Combined Event, Athlete Name, Team, Age, Total Points, Date, Events, Efforts, Points, and Age Factor.

    Individual independent Training Sessions are created using Create Sessions Menu. The following data is selected in sequence when Create Session is selected: Training Session, Athlete Name, Session Date, Training Season, Training Preparation(s), Training Phase(s), Training Event(s), and Event Types (Speed, Endurance, Distance, Strength, and Power).

    Each Training Session is partially initialized with representative data. Training Session data can then be added or edited after the athlete completes each Training Session.
    Individual Training Sessions can be created, updated, or deleted using Training menu selections.

    Evaluation of Training results, after Training Session(s) data is available, provides event performance analysis and athlete fitness level estimates to help an athlete achieve peak performance. Start Day, End Day, and Training Season are first selected from the Evaluation Menu. Selection of Speed, Endurance, Strength, or Power provides detail and summary evaluation results.

    Sample training elements used to create training session(s) are provided. Elements provided include those for Sprint, Distance, Hurdle, Jump, Throw, Strength, and Power.

    Results and Training Sessions can be saved by entering a non-default (not Defaultxxx) Athlete Name.

    Email, print (with compatible device), or retrieval (with additional software) of results is also provided. Several additional software (such as Google Drive, etc.) are readily available.

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