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    Easy to use and configure Tide Prediction Program.
    No adds or dubious permission requirements, this is truly FREE.

    Tide Guide calculates the Tides, Sun/Moon rise and set times, Lunar phases for any date.
    Easily select any date past or future with the simple calendar widget.

    Simply select from 2517 ports.
    I am sorry but because of legal reasons many ports have been removed.
    If anyone has legal, free access to harmonics for other ports I will gladly incorporate them into the program.
    But if you live in a country where this is not available then talk to your countries tidal authority.

    I have not done much in the way of Help.
    However the way program works should be pretty obvious.

    The program uses hot spots on the screen to move days viewed.

    Check out the menu.

    Initially there is an overlay to show the hot areas and what they do (this overlay can easily be turned off in the help menu).

    The code is based on work I started in 1994. I began using the Admiralty Manual of Tides Australia and adapted various algorithms from Meus later I have incorporated some of the algorithms from XTide code (basically some code for calculating astronomical arguments). Unlike XTide and it's derivatives, the code calculates all astronomical positions on the fly.

    It is difficult to know if this makes it more or less accurate as the original calculations for all port constituents have been based on Almanacs and speeds over a 12 month period. However tide prediction without incorporating atmospheric pressure levels specifically can only ever be a guide at best.

    This program is not for navigation or to be used in any way where life or property is at risk.

    I wrote this program primarily for myself.
    If it is useful to you wonderful (then I also wrote this for you, and will help you improve your experience with it, if I can).
    If the program is not useful just uninstall it it didn't cost you anything (I am not really interested in your negative opinions).

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