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    Traction Monitor (Motorcycle)

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    Fixing the device on you motorcycle, this app indicates traction force that tires griping the load.
    Analyzing 6 axial forces detected by built in sensors on your device (X-Y-Z axial Accelerometer and Gyroscope), monitors real time lean angle and griping force as side G-force on the load.
    In case gyroscope sensor is not available on your device, the monitor shows braking and acceleration force and referential lean angle calculated by centrifugal force.
    During braking, lean, and acceleration, when detects the force higher than configured alarm value, the monitor changes the buck ground color from green to red and alerts the risk of slip down.

    < Instruction >
    1- Fix the device using a support. (The app works on vertical orientation only.)
    2- Adjust the angle, forward or backward direction. But display face must be parallel with the wheel axial shaft.
    3- To start the monitor, keep the motorcycle on upright position, and press [Calibrate] button to initialize sensors.
    4- Then press [Setting], and configure [Alarm Level] from setting menu.
    5- When the Calibration and Settings are configured correctly, letters of these buttons will change to green and start the monitoring.

    < Settings Menu >
    You can change the configuration using follow setting options.
    [ Alarm Level / Sensor Sensibility ]
    - Adjust minimum indicate level and alarm level (Max 1.0G).
    - Real time or Max value keep mode.
    - Reset the alarm during upright acceleration.
    - Sensibility of G (acceleration) and Sensibility for lean angle. Bumps from the load and vibrations may affect the monitoring values.

    [ GPS ]
    - Turning on, indicates running speed. Also help to indicate lean angle, when gyroscope is not used.
    -Location service should be activated on High accuracy mode.

    [ Sound Alarm ]
    - Make beep sound as well as buck ground color. You can hear it by an earphone if connected by wire or Bluetooth.

    [ Buck Ground Color ]
    -Change buck ground color gray base or white base.

    - For safety reason, app buttons will be blocked when moving with speed. You need to stop to operate.
    - This app should be used for safety and efficient ride as well as general indicators and speed meter. You need to drive with due care and attention. The developer disclaims any liability for any loss or damage in connection with the use of this app.

    Enjoy the Ride!

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