TrailPassion Mobile




    Trail Passion Mobile is the ideal Android application for trail, running, walking, any outdoor activities requiring geolocation via GPS.
    Features include:
    - complete GPS tracking of your itinerary
    - the option of annotating specific parts of your itinerary

    - real time timing/display of the following:
    - average speed and current speed
    - distance traveled
    - height traveled
    - climbing speed
    - map rendering of the route traveled
    - ability of sharing your route on social networks

    - the option of sending your route to your account in order to benefit from:
    - a complete analysis via the display of various statistics
    - the possibility of modifying your route (add/remove/move points)
    - being able to improve it (i.e. you can detect/remove erroneous GPS)
    - sharing your route (via social network, email, URL, etc)
    - comparing (i.e. to see where you are improving on speed or slowing...)

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