Ultimate Tourney Creator




    The free version of the ultimate app for creating and managing tournaments.

    Choose between: A round robin style tournament, that will create a schedule, keep track of all games played and update standings. Choose between 2 or 3 points for a victory.

    Or, a play-off elimination style tournament. Create a single elimination tournament bracket and have up to a best of 7 series.

    Free version supports 8 teams

    Upgrade to the full version and have access to tons of features:

    Single elimination play-off isn't enough? The full version allows you to choose to play either a single elimination or double elimination play-off.

    Can't decide? Then, you can choose to have both. Play a round robin style tournament and when you're done a play-off bracket will be created based on the standings from the round robin.

    Choose up to 64 teams in the full version.

    Both scored and un-scored games can be played.

    If a game isn't able to be played but you still want a score, you can simulate the game based on the teams previously played games.

    Didn't quite finish a tournament? No problem, because you can save up to 10 tournaments and load them again later. All you need to do is enter a save name. This makes it ideal for physical education teachers trying to organize multiple classes, or intramurals.

    Too many people all trying to see the screen at once? Not a problem. In the full version you print out a copy of the tournament to display for everyone to see. The print copy will display all games played, and games yet to be played. It will also display the current standings and all unique tournament settings.

    This app is for anyone wanting to manage multiple tournaments with many teams, or for just a group of friends wanting an easy way to keep track of a small tournament.

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