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    This free application can helps you monitor the steps and distance you walk for free. You can use this pedometer to count the steps and distance you walk. This simple walk pedometer displays your steps and distance. It also has your speed of walking and calories burned so that you can measure distance between fat and thin. You can use this pedometer to count the steps and distance you walk with this Android devices.


    You can get a walk calculator here to calculate your steps and distance.

    You can do this little test with your Android mobile phones or tablets.

    You can get related walk speed and calories burned here for free.

    This application is easy to use and accurate to calculate.

    You can get a better user experience from buttons at the bottom of this application.

    This application is totally free for you.


    You can get a pedometer for your walking steps and distance. At the same time, it can calculate how many steps you walk in one minute and how many miles you walk in one hour. Apart from this, you can also get access to calories burned you cost in the process of walking. In this way you may feel encouraged to walk more.

    There are setting button, menu button and supply button, about button here for free.

    As for menu button, you can get access to 4 operations such as pause, reset, and settings and quit. In basic settings, you can calibrate the step detector as high or low. Some OS versions prevent using sensors when the screen is off, set the level that works for you. Normal is just try running in background; screen on means that it can keep screen dim; aggressive means that it can wake up when I turn the screen off. As for units, you can choose kilometers or miles. You can also enter your step length, body weight and exercise type here as you wish. You can maintain a desired speed or pace here. In voice settings, you can enable voice notification or not. You can also set the voice notification interval here as you wish. As for what to tell, you can enable steps, pace and distance or not. And distance, speed and calories burned can be voiced if you wish. And you can maintain your desired pace or speed.

    This free app is ad supported, which helps us create and maintain these free apps for you. If you don't like notification ads or icon ads, you can just uninstall the app. All permissions added are completely harmless and at no point do we collect any personal information! For better user experience, setting button could delay to 1 min before the screen turns off automatically here. If you activate this setting function and want to uninstall this application, you may go to location & security to select the devices administrators to remove. Thank you for your understanding.

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    Download this free application Walk Pedometer here for free. You can get access to your walking information with this pedometer for free here.

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