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    Watch Surf - The world's first surf watch.

    This app only works with the Pebble Smart Watch ( It works with Pebble 1.x and 2.x SDK.

    Transform your Pebble in a real surf watch. Forget about tide watches, now you have the information about waves size and wind speed updated every hour on your wrist.
    This is the best tool for surfers in California, Florida, Hawaii, UK and France. You just have to set up your beach or buoy and the information is available for you 24/7.

    - California (31 buoys)
    - Florida (5 buoys)
    - Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Big Island (7 buoys)
    - UK (3 buoys)
    - France (2 buoys)

    - If you want more coverage, please read the feature request section below.
    - This version does not support tide or swell period information.
    - This version supports United States customary units (ft and mph).
    - The data displayed by this app is from the NOAA buoy program, which is collected from the nearest available buoy. The information may not reflect the exact condition on your beach.
    - Some buoys do not provide wind information. In these cases, NA will be shown.
    - This app does not drain your phone neither your watch battery. The algorithm is highly optimized to preserve the battery life of your devices.
    - Watch Surf must be active on your Android device in order to keep the surf data updated on the watch face. Once the app is installed, it will be running all the time and an icon will be permanently displayed on the toolbar. If the device is rebooted, Watch Surf will be automatically initialized and synchronized with your Pebble. If you want to inactivate it, just tap on "Stop Service". Next time you want to use the app, just launch it manually and sync with your Pebble.

    Feature requests:
    If you would like to suggest a new feature or support to other regions, please, post it on our Facebook page ( The additions will be made once we have reached 100 similar requests. If you want to have your favorite surf spot covered by Watch Surf, ask your friends to engage on your campaign.

    Installing Watch Surf:
    1 - To install the watchface on your Pebble just go to the official Pebble app - Settings - Install untrusted apps.
    2 - Your Android device must be close to the Watch. (That's the way Pebble works)
    3 - Open the Watch Surf Android app and tap on "Install Watch Surf Watchface" button.

    - Here are the error codes and the reason for each:
    APP_MSG_NOT_CONNECTED: Your Android device is not close enough to your watch.
    APP_MSG_SEND_TIMEOUT: Watch Surf service is not running in the Android device. Launch the Android app to fix this problem.
    APP_MSG_BUSY: It is a temporary connection error. Try to switch to another watchface and then go back to the Watch Surf watchface. It should work in the next request.