Weight Lifting Waiter




    This is the first App ever made which takes the user though their weight lifting gym workout as if they had a personal trainer there with them. Whilst you are doing each repetition a counter is played for the user to keep their lifting in sync as though a personal trainer is watching you - create your own tempos and have either a female or male voice speak it.

    A lot of people lift weights and do not get the maximum benefit out of it and even damage their joints from lifting the weights far too quickly; this is the only app which makes the user go slow for maximum benefit.

    The App will also give you a graph of your progress so you can find which exercises you need to change the weight on and which you might want to change in your workout.

    Times between sets and plays a beep sound 3 seconds before you have to start lifting again so you do not even have to watch the clock.

    This app gives you total control over all of the records that you want to keep and full ability to create whatever workout you want. You will not have to log in to anything to store the information it is all stored on the app for your privacy. There is no more to pay after you download this app, no workouts extras features etc.; you have everything you need in the palm of your hand.

    Set up multiple workouts (day for legs, back, shoulders, chest etc), once the exercise has been done it is removed from the list of exercises which you have to do that day, it automatically removes that button from the list.

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