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    WhiteScout Pro for Freerider (European Version)
    is an unique smartphone app, which estimates the risk of triggering an avalanche or slab by skiing down a given route. As a default the app is always positioned to user's present location which is why it operates across Europe. Danger of a tour is calculated through a risk-analysis by only one click.
    As a result a probabilistic "Stop or Go"- decision is being displayed. The remaining residual risk is defined by the following formula:

    Accepted residual risk = risk potential / precautionary measures

    Thereby, the avalanche bulletin represents the risk potential. The precautionary measures (slope inclination and exposition) restrict the possibilities to ski down steep slopes, which are deemed to be risky in relation to the avalanche bulletin ratio. The model follows the elementary reduction method described in specialized avalanche literature by mountain guide Werner Munter of Switzerland.
    WhiteScoutPro , if used properly and permanently, can reduce todays relation from 1 death by avalanches per 50'000 ski slopes to 1:100'000 in future.

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