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    Windsurf Crash! contains hundreds of classic accidents and hairy moments!

    In fact the app utilises some 180 real life footage videos!

    The first 20 videos are included and the rest can easily be added.

    Laydown Jibe
    High speed crash on the water Windsurfing
    35 knots freewave and freestyle Windsurfing by WindMax
    My Power Jibe
    Windsurfing freeride in El Tur Egypt
    Speedy Julia
    Dangerous crash in windsurfing
    Surfing in Ponta Preta Cabo Verde Sal
    Wakeboarding in Thailand Rider Lota Dokkrai Lakeside resort
    Water tube crazy crashes
    Windsurfing in Eltur 52010
    Duck jibe 1
    Duck jibe 2
    Duck jibe 3
    Duck jibe 4
    Windsurfing in Lahta Finland Gulf
    Gardasurf 2011 Windsurfing on Lago di Garda Torbole
    Gardamaran 2011 With TopCat K1 on Garda Lake
    Wakeboard with aquabike
    Windsurfing on the Razliv lake180611 with GoPro
    Aquabike fun with GoPro
    Windsurfing El Tur riding 052011
    Fragata Kite-beach Cabo Verde Sal
    Windsurfing crash Windsurf vs motorboat
    Power Jibe Windsurfing in El Tur
    Water tube fun crash
    Power Jibe by Timur Windsurfing in El Tur Egypt
    Back loop Crazy crashes on the waves
    The Gorge 2009 - Windsurfing at Celilo Nuking on August 7th
    The Columbia Gorge -- Windsurfing 2011 - Gimme Sympathy
    Gorge Windsurfing Action 2010
    The Gorge 2007 - Windsurfing
    Gorge 2009 Crash Video
    Windsurfing Le Disko
    Windsurfing - The Gorge - Superman
    The Gorge - Windsurfing Magic
    D-111 Formula windsurf
    Defi Wind 2007
    Icy Windsurf
    Windsurf speed record
    Speed Crashes
    pasando a paquito
    Struck in tsunami
    windsurf speed Masters of speed 2007
    Hydrofoil Speed record
    Sublime Windsurf Chile Matanzas Enero 2010
    2010 Fanatic FreeWave Windsurfing Board Product Video
    Samba supported by Pousada WindJeri
    Windsurf SA 2010
    Robbie Naish RIP intro 5 mins
    sandstorm windsurfing music
    Musica con Windsurf
    Windsurf Laredo 9-4-2011
    Windsurfing Hawaii Laird and Naish Mix Jaws and the North shore
    Windsurf Love is in the air
    4 Dementias Four Dimensions spoof
    windsurf wipeouts
    Windsurfing Instructional - Beginner to Winner JH preview
    A Windsurfing Dreamwmv
    Crazy Windsurfing Session HD
    FRA-775 et FRA-99 St-Barth
    The Windsurfing Movie - Levi Sivers Part
    ADDICTED TO RIDE 6 - Trailer for the new movie
    Law of motionmp4
    hansen en sherry
    The Netsurfingsport -Windsurf 1980s Robby Naish
    Duck Jibe - Tutorial sul Gorge John Guay
    Windsurfing Gurnard Isle of Wight 18022012
    The windsurf crash compilation
    NeilPryde Race Against the Machine - Windsurfing
    Gran Canaria PWA Grand Slam - Part 7
    Beauty of speed
    Windsurf Summer Break
    Windsurf In Normandie
    Guns N Roses - Knocking on heavens door legendado
    Video de Windsurf en LA21 Perfect Waves
    Best Of Windsurfing - Hold your breath-2mp4
    Best Of Windsurfing - Hold your breath-1mp4
    Extreme windsurfing HD
    Robby Swift and Jason Polakow Maui February 2011
    RAIL TO RAIL - The Movie - HD 720 1080
    EpicSesh- 2012 Gorge Windsurfing with the Xensr Case
    Gollito Estredo - Double Burner
    Gollito Estredo - Culo
    Learning to jibe Jibing with Alan Cadiz part 1-3 Movie
    10 seconds run of 835kmh 4509 knots by Jacques van der Hout 23 August 2010 The Brace
    Antoine Albeau windsurf slalomHawaii
    Red Bull Storm Chase - Extreme windsurfers
    Beach stop Windsurf crash
    Windsurfing Crash at 30 knots - 24 August 2010
    ClassicalMoves LayDownJibe
    ClassicalMoves HeliTack
    ClassicalMoves DuckTack
    CoolMoves HelicopterTack
    ClassicalMoves Classic360
    ClassicalMoves DuckJibe
    CoolMoves NoseTack
    The Windsport Magazine Epicsessionstv Windsurf Jump Off Video Highlights
    slalom windsurf
    Wind legends
    Neil Pryde Race Against the Machine
    The Windsurfing Crews spring 2007 Outer Banks trip
    Windsurf Crash Test Dummies
    Windsurfing-The Gorge Windsurf
    Robby Naish Extreme Velocity
    Severne Overdrive - Hi G Gybing and speed
    Positively Kai - Windsurfing Michigan - Episode 8
    Windsurfing Jaws - The mother of all waves with Jason Polakow

    and many many more!

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