YL Basketball




    The Yorba Linda Mustangs Basketball Club App allows students, staff, parents, alumni and our community to stay connected and lend support to the team. Download our App to get involved with our program and enjoy the benefits of booster club membership.

    Download the YL Basketball App to:
    - Become a member of the booster club.
    - Become a sponsor of YL Basketball.
    - Receive notifications.
    - Buy stuff from our store.
    - Check out the players, coaches, schedules & scores.
    - Link to streaming coverage if available.
    - Sign up to volunteer.
    - Learn more about our sponsors.
    - ... and more!

    This app is designed to work with screen sizes 320 x 480 and larger. It will auto size to match your screen. It is designed for Android 4.0 and above but will work on lower versions with reduced functionality.

    Open the newly installed app when connected to a WiFi or 3G/4G network. The app needs to download team photos and other information from the central database. It will do this in the background, but be patient the first time you use it. When a menu button is accessed on subsequent uses, actual photos will appear instead of a default image. The default image will remain for those items that lack actual photos. A network activity (spinning busy indicator) will present itself during updates. If an update is taking longer than expected or the network is disconnected, a message box will present itself with an option to wait longer or quit. Quitting closes the application which can be reopened when desired.