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    A simple app based on a simple idea - a screen filter which actively changes its intensity based on the ambient light or the currently set screen brightness level (for devices without a Light Sensor).

    A screen filter basically is meant to decrease the brightness of your screen below its minimum system-allowed level, so it would not hurt your eyes when you use your device in the dark. It also saves quite a lot of battery power on devices with AMOLED screens. However, all of the screen filter apps out there provide a static screen filter which just stays on the screen all the time, regardless of whether it's actually needed or not. The problem is that when you find yourself in a very bright environment, where you need the absolute maximum brightness which your display is capable of, a static screen filter would take away from it, so you would have to manually go and turn it off.

    Active Screen Filter solves this by enabling you to set the minimum and the maximum transparency of the screen filter, so that it would change based on the ambient light or on the currently set screen brightness level. It effectively increases the brightness span of your display below the system minimum, without having to manually turn it on/off or readjust it.

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