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    Would you like to get a wallpaper of beautiful forest?
    In response to a flick and drag, you can also draw a rainbow on the screen!

    The forest that a lot of animals visit, the flowers are blooming, the rainbow forms to the sky at the daytime, and the stars are blinking at evening.

    You can set presence or absence for animals and you can also adjust speed value for accelerates time in a day.
    In addition, flick and according to operations such as drag, you can call many drawing effects by freehand touch on the screen.
    Please enjoy the “Beautiful Forest” by your own customize.

    Your manipulation (Taps, Flicks and Swipes etc) occurs many effects. (it called 'Touch Effects'. )
    Rainbows, Twinkle neons, Dandelion fluffs, Twinkle stars, Soap Bubble, Flower set 1, Lens Flare, Lens Ghost, Snow and Stars, Paint Drops, Colorful Hearts, Finger Prints.

    * About LWP settings *

    Various settings of this app you can change at [Setting ...] on live wallpaper preview.
    You can change settings in [Settings...] located at the [LWP preview].
    If live wallpaper has not yet been set, the preview screen is displayed directly by tapping an app icon. Please use by operating the button of [Set wallpaper] or [Settings ...] at that preview time.
    In addition, whenever the live wallpaper is already set to the home, you can call immediately [setings...] with tapped a icon, or simultaneous 3-point on the home. If you had set the icon at the home, you can call [Settings...] easily. it's so might be useful!

    * About changing touch effects *

    Touch Effects selection settings are located in [Settings...]. You can select other effect from Touch Effects List that appears when you tapped [Touch Effects selection]. Please check the highlight of selected effect, and tap the OK button and confirmed effect changing.

    * About settings of the touch effects *

    When you display a Touch Effect list, there are settings button is enabled.
    Please try variously settings to your prefer Touch Effects, and enjoy!

    * About how to set LWP *

    Go to [settings] -> [Display] -> [Wallpaper] -> [Live wallpapers] -> [LWP preview]-> [Set wallpaper].

    * Settings *

    [Visibility] Clouds, All of the animals or several animals, Fog, Sun, Moon and Stars. (*you can not hide the rabbits. It's mascot of our company :-) )
    [Values] The time elapse speed. the number of stars.
    [Touch Effect] Type, Parameter setting(some effect has).

    * Animals *

    Rabbits, Cat, Dog, Horse, Duck, Parrot, Crane.

    * Installation *

    If using device the SD card is mounted, you can move app to SD card from device. Though, when app running from SD card, when mounted SD card with connecting USB or Reboot, Live wallpaper may is removed from screen. That case, you set again, please.
    *When app moved to the SD card, it may fail newer update. In that case, please uninstall and then reinstall app.

    * Recommends device *
    This app runs on above Android 4.2.
    Recommended resolution are 480 x 800 pixels until 1080 x 1920 pixels.
    Memory size above 1 GB.
    Tested devices are Nexus7, Nexus5, Nexus5X, Nexus6P, Xperia Tablet Z, AQUOS PHONE Xx mini 303SH, AQUOS CRYSTAL, ARROWS A 202F, docomo XperiaTM Z3 Compact SO-02G.

    * Note *

    Displayed Advertisement on the Free version.
    Running by ART engine, Android 4.4 or a later version will spent much time at first launch of app.
    Our live wallpaper has been created in accordance with the Google home app criteria. Some vendor's standard home app, app may does not scroll because can not get a normal numeric value, or it may not be displayed until the edge end.
    If the screen resolution is too high this wallpaper motion may slow down.
    Case of your home screen has less than 3 screen, our live wallpaper may not working correctly.
    When the "live wallpaper" has worked for a long time, it may slow whole system process.
    In that case, please try to set again "Beautiful Forest" from the live wallpaper settings. There is a possibility to be improved by doing so.

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