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    Custom Quote is the most customizable quote widget on the android market! This lightweight widget allows you to add a personal touch to your device's home screen. You can have the widget display your own personal quotes or have it run through over 7,000 quotes! Everything about custom quote is up to you! Change the font, the text, the color, everything!

    * Over 7,000 FREE quotes!!
    * Daily, hourly, or by the minute quote
    * Customize color and font
    * Add background colors
    * Share quotes with friends
    * Resizable 2x1 or fill the whole screen
    * Add/Edit/Delete quotes
    * Upload quotes to the cloud
    * Add new fonts (find fonts online and save them in a folder called "fonts" on your sdcard)
    * Place on Lock Screen
    * Make your own quote lists
    * Bulk add quotes
    * Export existing quotes
    * Quotes/Speakers are searchable
    * Shuffle quotes in order, by speaker, or randomly
    * Set which list gets shuffled
    * Align quote left, center, or right
    * app interface to explain widgets

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