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    Encage to lock screen and release from the cage to unlock the screen. This screen locker Encage to Lock Screen is based on the cage theme here. With this screen locker, we can experience a different screen locker for Android devices.

    1. Set sound and vibration in the process of unlocking the screen as you wish,
    Notice that disable sound in quiet place, such as a meeting.
    2. This free app supports to show us status bar in the locked screen, which can help us get notifications quickly and save time of unlocking to check.
    If you want, you can also set locked screen as your full screen.
    3. There is an emergency lock for us to unlock quickly.
    Just long press SEARCH key to fast unlock the screen.
    4. Activate this screen locker or not.
    It is fast available to us in Android devices.

    Are you tired of Android traditional screen locker? Do you want to abandon sliding from left to right to unlock way?
    This screen locker Encage to Lock Screen can supply us with a unique screen locker, which supports to encage to lock the screen and release from the cage to unlock the screen.

    With such a cartoon background here, we can get quick access to screen locker here for free.
    We can see a man in a cage sadly.
    There are date and time in the door for us to know clearly daily information.
    If you want to release him from this cage, you can slide upward to unlock the screen.

    1. Set as you wish before you activate the screen locker.
    2. Activate this screen locker to lock and unlock Screen.
    3. Wait for the screen turns off automatically or manually.
    4. The screen locker is on the go now.
    5. Just press POWER key to turn on the screen.
    6. It will show us date and time information in cage theme background.
    7. Just drag the door upward to release hime out of cage.

    Come to download this cage theme screen locker now for free!

    Email us if you need.

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