Little Witch Planet LW

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    With Witch laugh sound and Halloween Countdown!

    Slide your fingers to zoom out and out, up to see the whole Bewitched Planet, tap the witch and she use magic to so Halloween countdown. Day and Night, three scenarios, pumpkin world, zooms, Halloween countdown, interactive and more!
    Zoom in the Pumpkin World and you can see three scenarios: Evil forest, Infernos and Oblivion Desert.

    Principal Features:
    Slide to zoom in and zoom out
    Day/Night mode and automatic change
    Halloween countdown!
    3 different scenarios plus Pumpkin world
    Change color for all scenes
    Config day/night mode
    and more....

    Scenarios are filled of tombstones, crossings, Jack O' Lantern, scarecrows with gloomy hat and sometimes with two heads, evil trees, evil fog in all scene, and more ... you can see screenshots but you need to see in your device to know how evil and funny it is.
    When zoom is totally out, you can see how Pumpkin Planet rotate, tap witch and she fly around planet while darkens with magic to show countdown. Only in a Bewitched Planet this is possible!

    INSTRUCTIONS to set:
    Home/Menu/Wallpaper/Live Wallpaper-> select Pumpkin World LW
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