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    Wake up!Wake up!...
    Every morning,do you need someone to wake you up?
    Now we have a smart application called Wake Up Clock to help to overcome the difficulty of not getting up.

    First,activate the alarm.This is the first and basic step when you are using the app.
    User Instructions:
    1.Pick a color for the brightness
    2.Select the starting time and max time when the clock ring
    3.Pick the alarm sound from a group of rings
    4.Adjust the alarm sound,not too loud or light.
    5.Activate the vibration with the sound as you want.
    6.Select which day the clock works from Monday to Sunday
    After finishing all mentioned above,the last step is press the Set Dawn button .
    The Wake up Clock will begin to work.
    Main Features:
    -Free to install
    -User friendly
    -wake you up gently
    -A collection of colors and rings available
    -Choose time and day freely

    Increase brightness and sound volume to lead you out of deep sleep .
    Adjust when and how the sound will play using second bar as you like.
    Expect you will love it!
    Please share it with your friends if you really like it!
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