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1-Step Metric Calculator

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    Our patented 1-Step Metric Conversion Calculator on your phone! The World's Easiest Metric Conversion Calculator makes over 350 conversions as simple as 1-2-3 - no complicated menus or function keys.

    Coverts between 43 common Volume, Weight, Length, Area, Pressure, Temperature, and Cubic units in Metric and English systems of measurement. Also converts between Decimals and Fractions.

    This app duplicates the look, feel, and functionality of the 1-Step conversion calculator you know and love. Perfect for construction, import/export, cooking, wood working, architecture, nurses, pharmacists and more.

    As Simple as 1-2-3

    To convert 5 inches to centimeters enter 5, press 'in', press 'cm'; the calculator will show 12.7 or 12 11/16 in fraction mode - it can't be easier!

    The display shows the conversion type, the keys are color coded to show compatible units, and the app highlights the last operation so you always know which unit you are on.


    * 10 digit display + 4 fraction digits
    * Full 4 function calculator with memory
    * Decimals and Fractions (to 1/64th)
    * Square root, percent, +/-
    * Backspace key
    * Incredible ease of use
    * Transfer key allows conversion between weight and volume for water
    * Works in portrait and landscape mode. Due to the number of buttons, a larger display and landscape mode are recommended.

    Conversion Units

    * Length Conversion: miles, yards, feet, inches, kilometers, meters, centimeters, and millimeters (mi, yd, ft, in, km, m, cm, mm.)

    * Weight Conversion: short U.S. tons, pounds, ounces, metric tons, kilograms, grams, and milligrams (ton (U.S.), lb, oz, t, kg, g, mg.)

    * Volume Conversion: liquid ounces, table spoons, cups, pints, quarts, gallons, liters, and milliliters (fl oz, tbsp, cup, pt, qt, gal, L, mL.)

    * Cubic Conversion: cubic yards, cubic feet, cubic inches, cubic meters, cubic centimeters, and cubic millimeters (ya^3, ft^3, in^3, m^3, cm^3, mm^3.)

    * Area Conversion: acres, square miles, square yards, square feet, square inches, hectares, square kilometers, square meters, square centimeters, and square millimeters (ac, mi^2, ya^2, ft^2, in^2, ha, km^2, m^2, cm^2, mm^2.)

    * Temperature Conversion: degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius (°F, °C.)

    * Pressure Conversion: pounds per square inch and kilopascals (psi, kPa.)

    * Number Conversion: fractions (to the nearest 1/64, rounded down, and reduced) and decimals.

    Differences From the Hardware 1-Step

    While the app closely duplicates our hardware calculator, there are a few differences. The main ones are:

    * The app does not offer an option of AOS mode

    * The app uses scientific notation to display very large and small numbers instead of overflowing

    * The app has higher internal precision

    * The app does not wait for the = key for Decimal/Fraction conversion

    * The app places the negative sign next to the number instead of using the negative indicator on the left side of the screen

    * The app highlights the last pressed operation key

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