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    An interesting and helpful tool for your math calculations

    • Really useful for everyone
    • More than 200 calculators
    • Design of the interface could be better

    "200 ways of calculation"

    200 Calcy is an application for math students and people using numbers on the daily life. The app presents several categories like Algebra, Analytical, Area, Budget, Chemistry and many more.

    Besides, inside these categories there are various calculators for each one, which is rather impressive.

    What would we change? Well, obviously, the design is not up to its perfect functionality and collection of resources. With a better design, the app would have a higher rating.

    Marthasapp is the developer of this complete resource for all those who use numbers in their daily life and want to do their calculations in a much more comfortable way.

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    Oct 17, 2013


    200+Calcy Calculator divided into several categories like
    1) Algebra Calculators: Arithmetic Progression ,Complex Number,Cubic Equation,Geometric Progression ,Linear Equation, Sum Of Consecutive Cubes,Sum of Squares,Sum Of Two Cubes,Vector Multiplication,Vector Subtraction,2d Vector,3d Vector.
    2)Analytical Calculators: Centroid ,Distance Between Two Points,Linear Interpolation,Mid Point,Ratio,Slope Intercept,Slope Length Equation,Slop Line
    3) Area Calculators: Aspect Ratio and Pixels ,Circle,Cone,Cube,Cylinder,Hemisphere,Polygon,Rectangle,Rhombus,Sphere,Trapezium,Triangle
    4) Budget Calculators: Expenses:[Phone Bill,Electricity Bill,Home Expenses,Student Expenses],
    Finance:[Acid Test Ratio,Bond Price,Credit Card Pay Off,Debt Equality Ratio ,Debt Income Ratio,Debt to Assets Ratio,Net Income Per Share,Gross Domestic Product,Days in Inventory,Inventory Stock,Inventory Turnover,Maturity Value,Revenue Calculator, Reinvestment Plan Deposits,Total Investory Cost
    Mortage:[Auto Loan Emi,Down Payment,Employee Provident Fund,Loan Balance,Hourly wages to salary,Savings]
    5) Chemistry Calculators:
    Acid Weight, Avogadro's Number,Dalton's Partial Pressure,Double Decomposition Method ,Enthalphy , Equivalent mass of acid, Ether Extract,Estimate sand and silica, Estimation of Chloride as SodiumChloride,Estimation of Calcium ,Fatty Acid, Hydrogen Ion Concentration,Mass volume concentration,Molarity ,Neutralization Reaction, Oxygen Weight, Polyatomic Ion,Reaction Rate,Unknown Metal Weight
    6) Hexadecimal to RGB color code converter
    7) 100-100000 Calendars
    8) Engineering: Civil Engineering:[Block Wall,Cantilever Beam Stiffness,Cantilever Beam Slope,Cubic Yards,Concrete Slab Pour,Feet (ft) and Inches (in) Arithmetic, Meeting Room] Electronic :[Capicitor energy,Inductance of an Air Core Coil, Current Regulator,Parallel Resistor, Solenoid Coil Electromagnetic] Mechanical:[Solid Round,Solid Rectangular Beams]
    9) Maths Tricks: Square Calculator Tricks,Age Calculator Tricks,Math Magic/Tricks
    10)Love Flames
    11)Maths: Age Calculate, ASCII,Bubble Sort,Calories, Common Factor,Compound intrest
    Time from Distance and Speed, Downloadtime ,Fibonacci Series,Gain, Graphing, Group Work, LCM 2 GCM ,Leap year, Length Converter, Male Body Parabola,Pay check,Percentage,Polygon,Prime Number,The Pythagorean Theorem , Quadratic Solver,Saving Amount,Sin, Stock,Tangent, Wave Length
    12) Medical:[Acute lung injury, Arterial Blood Oxygen,Lean Body Weight,Blood Loss
    Blood Group of Child,Blood Sugar Converter,Blood Volume,Caloric Needs Per Day, Child Height,Dialysis Dose ,Estimation of Serum Calcium,Glucose Conventional, Healthy Diet,INR,Protein Catabolic Rate,Pediatric Urine
    Respiratory Acidosis,Resting Metabolic Rate, Total Body Weight
    13)Physics: Classical Physics:[3dB Bandwidth (BW), Amount of Substance,Battery Charger
    Battery Life, Celsius to Fahrenheit,Centri Fugal Acceleration, Differential Pressure, Frequency Measurement,
    Newton Law, Newton Law Of Gravity,Newton Second Law,Power, Power Velocity, Sound Speed, Velocity] ,
    Electro Magnetism:[Antenna Gain,Capacitance,Energy Storage, Dc Voltage Drop, Ohm's Law, Wave Length],Fluid Mechanics:[Absolute Pressure,Aluminum Pipe,Bernoulli Numbers, Brake Horsepower,Engine Horsepower,Rectangular Weir Flow],Geophysics:[Luminosity of stars,Satellite Orbit Data,Find Your Weight On Other Planets],Thermodynamics:[Wire Gauge Size,Heat Transferred to System,Heat Flow
    ,Heat Transfer Rate,Standard Wire Gauge], Waste Management Treatment:[Biological Radioactive Half-Life, Radioactive Material,Radioactive Material Quality Factor],
    14) Simple Calculator
    15) Trigonametry:Double Angle Trigonametry Identity, Power Reduction, Product to Sum Trigonometry, Sum to Product Trigonometry, Triangle
    16) Unit Conversion: Linear Acceleration, Conversion
    17)Whether Report: AC, AC Operating Cost

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