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    2019 Marijuana Lunar Calendar

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    With our 2019 Moon Calendar by, you may determine the moon's influence on the crop of your beloved plants. Know the best days for sowing, prunning, cuttings clones, germinate seeds, fertilize, when to apply flowering and growth fertilizers, and so on... all this taking into account the influence of the moon on your cannabis plants.

    In this biodynamic lunar calendar you will find the moon phases and actions to be carried out in January, February, March, March, April, May, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December 2019, this information will be updated year by year.

    The working days are differentiated by colours according to the recommended action. You will also be able to activate reminders for as many days as you wish in order for you not to miss any cultivation tasks.

    If you have a garden organically grown, it will also help you grow cannabis in a sustainable way getting the best results, you may also apply it to any annual plant that requires all these agricultural tasks.

    Important: We want to inform all 2019 Lunar Calendar users that we have added the moon phases of both hemispheres for information purposes, although the actions to be carried out are the same, the only difference between Northern and Southern Hemisphere is that you will see the lunar lit disc drawn in the opposite side from one to the other hemisphere, since the moon is seen in a different perspective depending on the hemisphere where you live.

    Here's an example:

    Northern Hemisphere: When the moon is C-shaped, it is in the waning phase, whereas if the moon looks like a "D", it will be in the crescent phase.

    The Southern Hemisphere, as it happens just the opposite: When the moon is shaped like a "C" it is in the crescent phase and if it looks like a "D" it is in the waning phase.

    So, now you know, wether you live in Spain, Chile, Argentina, France or Alaska, you may enjoy this lunar calendar for cannabis cultivation.

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    This also allows you to have the application on several devices if you want, for example on your phone and tablet, and have all the data synchronized.

    We hope you enjoy this new version and above all that you get perfect crops.

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