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    by: Phill - IT 1.7K 8.6

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    ▶ Smooth keyboard typing, Neat and Stylish UI/UX Design
    ▶ Feels soft and comfortable in spite of quick response
    ▶ Recognition ability of Speedy Typing
    ▶ Optimized Settings with essential functions

    A Keyborad’s specialty to prevent big jump
    If you have some missing keystrokes when you type fast,
    Turn on the Prevent big jump key, it enables you type rapidly without missing keystrokes.
    Settings→Advanced settings→Input→Prevent big jump

    Select the input timing
    If you tend to make typing errors by sliding fingers,
    Select Down (Finger on- input) at the Settings
    You can reduce typing errors because the character is printed
    on the screen as soon as your finger touches on it.
    Settings→Advanced settings→Input→Select the input timing

    Edit useful sentences list
    If you want to avoid annoying input of long frequently used texts,
    You can store those at Settings.
    The texts will be popped up when you long press enter key.
    1) Settings→Advanced settings→Auto completion→Edit useful sentences list
    2) Long press the enter key

    Input Symbols easily
    If you want to key in frequently used Symbols quickly,
    Long press the period(.) located in the lower right hand corner.
    Then several frequently used symbols will pop up.

    You can choose your favorite sound effect at A Keyboard.

    A Keyboard has various keyboard styles , especially in Korean.

    A Keyboard will provide more convenient functions and update new version constantly. :)

    [How to set A Keyboard]
    ※If you run the application, you can see a button to set A Keyboard a basic keyboard.
    ※Push the app icon or Long press 123key in the lower left- hand corner and the settings will appear.
    ※Long press the enter key and the frequently used texts stored by you will pop up.

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