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    *** NOTE: This app is not working on Android 5.0+. ***

    Tired of the built-in screen brightness policy (either Auto or Fixed Brightness)? Some people complain that the Auto Brightness often comes with unsatisfied situations, such as TOO BRIGHT (wasting battery power), TOO DIM or TOO AGGRESSIVE. Although the user can switch to the Fixed Brightness instead, but in that case the user requires to *MANUALLY* change the brightness level frequently. If this is also your case, you should give this app a try.

    This app introduces a new brightness mode called "Custom Mode" that allows you to customize and automatically adjust the brightness level for individual apps and even screens (aka activities/windows) on your android devices (for Android 2.2+). Also included is an Outdoor Brightness that is automatically triggered when you are outdoor (i.e. high ambient light).

    Main Features:
    # Custom Mode: custom brightness per App or per Screen (aka activity/window).
    # Outdoor Mode/Brightness: A configurable (brighter) brightness can be used when you are outdoor (based on the ambient light).
    # Quick Setting Panel: control all the brightness settings/modes in a status bar notification. (If you do not like it sitting on the Notification Window, you can simply disable it.)

    How it Works: With the Custom Mode enabled, the brightness would automatically change to the level you have specified for the foreground-running app (or the top screen/window). All the apps/screens not associated with custom brightness share a configurable *common* brightness level.
    [When Outdoor Mode is ON]: Once an outdoor brightness is triggered (used), that brightness would remain until the NEXT TIME your SCREEN is ON or the Custom Mode is re-enabled.

    How to Use: (Tutorial: )
    1. Enable Custom Mode
    2. Setup the *common* brightness (a lower level, e.g. 25%, is recommended).
    [Optional]: Enable and/or setup the Outdoor Mode/Brightness.
    [Optional]: Use Quick Setting Panel to setup the brightness level for individual apps and screens (See the Video).

    More Benefits:
    # Battery Saving: It is recommended to keep a low *common* brightness for aBacklighter's "Custom Mode", and then to setup your preferred brightness for specific apps/screens (e.g. games, eBook readers, gallery, ...).
    # Efficiency: aBacklighter is only active while SCREEN-ON and has been further optimized to achieve high efficiency (low CPU and Memory consumption).

    ** You can also get a FULL version of this app on the Play Store **

    Known Issues:
    # In case conflicts arise, it is strongly recommended to turn off other brightness apps.
    # Custom Mode may be temporarily removed by some task killer apps. Please whitelist aBacklighter if this is your case.
    # Outdoor Mode: Some android device (e.g. SAMSUNG Galaxy S II - Version: android 2.3) may give a wrong MAX ambient light range internally (i.e. a wrong MAX range for the threshold seekbar). If this is your case, please use the Light Meter to determine/update the right ambient light threshold for your device.

    Please contact me by Email if you have any issues with this App (we cannot reply to Android Market comments)
    Developer: appschinyang ( Email: )
    More information:

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