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    About Battle Rifles is a totally free application that offer you all knowledge about battle rifles! You may ask why should I know the knowledge? It is necessary for everybody and just like getting knowledge of physics, it is a part of basic education. Both you and your children should know some information about guns or you may at a disadvantage in some condition. Do not use guns easily do not mean we should know nothing about guns!
    This free application is the best knowledge app that can play a role of Ebook of guns! In this app, we classify guns into seven types. In addition to battle rifles, you can also see pistols, machine guns, carbines and flame throwers and so on. As long as you can see them on market, you can find them in our application. In every type, you can find tens of different models. That is to say, there are about 100 gun models in this app!
    You may ask what information it can tell us. All necessary information such as specifications of guns (weight, effective range, caliber...), developing history and serve history and many other aspects. Apart from the basic information, you can also get a large paragraph of introduction which is like the text in wiki! So you can get what you what to know easily!

    Let's get its functions in detail!
    1. Classify guns into seven types. They are assault rifles, battle rifles, carbines and sub machine guns and others!
    2. There are many guns models in every type.
    For example, in machine guns, you can see Besal, Bren, CZW-762 and other ten models.
    3. Over 100 different models in this app.
    4. We show you a picture about the guns. No matter you search the type or enter the information page, you can know the pictures appearence easily! If you like the looks of some guns, you can press to get knowledge directly!
    5. Knowledge that will shown you: (let's take Chauchat as an example)
    * Type Light machine gun
    * Place of origin French
    * Server history In service 1908-1945 Used by See Users
    * Wars World war Ⅰ, Polish-Soviet war, winter war
    * Production history Designer Louis and 1907 and manufacture...
    * Specifications (information including the gun's weight, length, rate of fire, effective range, feed history and so on)
    * A long text about the developing and used of the guns!

    It is a well known free app. Most people used it to have a gun education and also it is useful for people who would like to play games of guns! After getting the information about guns, no matter what you do related to guns (serve in army, playing a gun game, teach others...), you can do better than others! Do not believe? Now have a try, it will not let you down!
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