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    If you is a boxing lover or like do this sport to practice body, About Boxing Reading will help you know more about boxing! It is a boxing reading software, you can know all information about boxing in this app. Boxing history, boxing skills, boxing equipment usage and famous people and boxing game introduction and so on. No matter what you what to know about boxing, you can find them all in this boxing reading software.

    The version is easy to manage than former one. Because a HOME button is added and no matter which message your are searching, you can back to home page directly!

    11 Main Knowledge that told you:
    - Boxing Origin. Tell you where it comes from the reason of develop.
    - Modern Boxing: the development history of modern boxing.
    - Basic Professional Rules: These words help you have a good skill when playing boxing games with others.
    - Definition of style: about boxers/fighter and boxing punching machine.
    - Know more fame people that popular for their boxing skill.
    ...Others wait for your reading...

    If you love this sport much, when someone ask you some questions about boxing, what would you do? Searching the internet or Wikipedia to get the answer? Or ask others? What should you do if there is no one answer you and the internet can not running well? If you have this app---About Boxing Reading on phone, you can get the answer as soon as possible and will not cost phone traffic at all!

    Compare with former version, the new reading app add more information. Just press READ MORE button, you can get more functions that common app do not have!

    Hope this reading app can help you much. When somebody ask you who is Milk Tyson, David can answer him/her directly!

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    Have this app on android phone just like has wiki at hand.

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